Moving In

The first day in a new pit is always exciting. All that space and lack of clutter. The endless vistas of possibility both inspiring and frightening. Or maybe just frightening because it’s probably around now that I realise I have no real idea what I’m doing.

Blogging is celebrating its twentieth birthday as a remarkable blot on the cultural landscape. Quite what all those sensitive souls did before they could tell the internet about their favourite cupcake recipes, or why cats are so darned cute, I do not know. Possibly they haunted pottery workshops in beige community centres, or worried open-mic evenings with heartfelt renditions of self penned songs about true love and witch-burning in the 16th century. I have no idea: People are a mystery to me.

So we’ll avoid that sort of thing, shall we? Instead we’ll be totally and utterly original and discuss music (mostly, but not limited to electronic,) and books (mostly the last thing I can remember reading,) and a whole bunch of other things that pierce the thickened armour of our jaded interests. It’s a bit barren at the moment, but we’ll get some stuff up soon. Might even pony up the cash for something more permanent but we’ll see how it goes.

So, Sound and Thought refracted. We’ll get the gang together and see what happens.

This post was brought to you from the fun city of Glasgow, and the sheer desperation to do something less brain numbing.

Cheers, see you soon.

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