That Was The Week That Was

Pattern Burst is sailing towards the end of our first month of talking rubbish about stuff that matters a lot to some and not-a-jot to others. It’s yet another miserable rainy day here on Clydeside, and we’re going to take a leaf out of the Huffington Posts book today and create content out of other people’s work!

Well, not exactly. Sometimes it’s nice, though to see what other people are getting up to. First up, I had been toying with the idea of writing a review of The Power and the Glory, the new album by British Techno king Perc, but it seems that the ever fantastic Tonka has stolen my thunder and done exactly that on his own site, the world-famous Weekly Review of Dance Music (you’ll have to click on the link in our blog roll, for the time being – I can’t seem to get the bloody HTML link doodad to work just now…)

For those of you who don’t know him, Tonka remains the poet laureate of House Music – a terrifying and potent mix of literary sophistication and truth, and if he says The Power And The Glory is worth listening too, you know it must be.

And talking of literary sophistication, Attack Magazine (Again, link in our blogroll just over there..) has two pieces worthy of note: First, man of the moment Perc gives us an enlightening tour of his studio – which is a fantastic eye opener for any of us who staple together 909 samples in our DAW of choice, and they also carry the first in a new series of columns by Tom ‘Pipecock’ Cox – Long time irritant to all manner of musical frauds and their followers, member of The Pittsburgh Track Authority collective and Technos very own Alf Garnett (except, you know, not racists or sexist) Tom returns to give us ‘an honest, no-holds-barred take on dance culture. Underground dance music as we know it today…’ Keep an eye on this one, it’s going to be full on – I’ve no doubt, even now, certain people are readying their lynching sticks. Going to be good.

Over on Little White Earbuds, Veteran DJ, One time member of Underground Resistance, and current resident of Edinburgh, DJ Rolando gives up a mix of some of the most sublime moments of The last couple of decades of Detroit Techno. Any mix that includes Suburban Knight, Tronikhouse and Random Noise Generator is worth going ape over. Get it now and play it loud. You know where to find the link.

And Pattern Burst? I’d like to thank those of you who have found your way here, and those who have kindly tweeted, facebooked or passed the word around over the last few weeks. I’d love to say we’ve got big plans but we don’t really. we just want to talk about records, and some related stuff, and to pretend we know what’s going on when we haven’t got a clue. You can now comment without having to sign up to WordPress, or you can follow us on Twitter (Link at the bottom right.) If you have any events you’d like us to mention, let us know..because above all, we believe in supporting the things we like in the only way we really understand. Cheers.



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