Some of Your Friends….

Back in the 90s US Punk luminary and recording engineer Steve Albini penned an article called ‘The Problem With Music’ which gave a breakdown of where all the money a band makes actually goes to. It was fairly chilling reading, especially coming at a time when Alternative Rock had more or less become the new establishment on the back of bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.

Fast forward nearly twenty years and although the distribution system has changed so as to be almost unrecognisable, the problems of why otherwise successful artists still can’t make a living remains as big an issue as it ever was. Stories are rife about the early days of House Music where producers were virtually robbed of their earnings by records companies, and one of the big hopes for the birth of digital distribution and digital formats was that it would allow the artist to bypass the hungriness of the record industry and do it themselves, selling the fruits of their labours directly to their fans. In this article for online Chicago dance music journal, 5 Magazine, Terry Matthew writes that, unfortunately, the more things change the more they stay the same. it’s every bit as anger inducing as Albini’s piece was all those years ago. Please read

After that, the original Albini article can be found here:


This is something that should concern everyone who cares about music, regardless of the genre. It also proves that it’s not just the pirates who are doing real damage, and that the entire industry needs some real and major work.

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