Words From the Editor

When I started the blog just over three months ago I was really looking for a way to give something back to a scene that I have been a part of in one way or another for over 20 years. Electronic music, in its various forms, has been with me for a long time now, and even in the few jaded years at the start of the millennium where I couldn’t face listening to another record that was little more than a copy of whatever big name loopy banger had caught the moments I was never able to turn by back permanently. It turns out that you can run, but you can’t hide.

In a sense House and Techno – along with other forms of electronica – was really the music that defined my life and the lives of many people I know. Rock music, as much as I enjoy it, never had that frisson, the essential thrill that bestows a life long love upon you. I was lucky, I’m sure, to have picked up the bug at a time when it was all new and utterly different to what had come before. The Acid House explosion and the subsequent birth of countless new genres was as important to my generation as Punk Rock or the Summer of Love had been to those who came before. It was ours in a way that Rock and Punk or so many other things you might care to mention just weren’t. I always felt very possessive of it. I still do.

But one of the things I realised when I came back into it all again a few years back was that the music has continued to evolve at a speed that makes the dizzying morphing of genres that occurred throughout the nineties look static. The dreadful, monochrome Techno of the loopy banger variety is still around, as are other forms I thought would have gone the way of the Dodo, but there is so much more. So much creativity and inspiration and excellence it’s looking obscene. The genre charts on Beatport might be little more than a marketing man’s delusion, but they are a handy pointer for just how much there is now – and how much I don’t have to listen too as well.

As a result of this, there is simply too much good stuff to review and talk about on a part-time blog hammered out after work. If anyone is curious as to which records I choose to review, well, it’s really very simple: I talk about the records I like. It’s a simple as that. Not every record I buy is great. Some are rotten. But life, and my spare time, is too short to spend it talking about something I don’t want to listen to. I hope, However, I’ve struck a balance between bigger records and those you may not have been aware of. Even more importantly, I hope I’ve made you go out and buy some of them because at the end of the day supporting the artists you like, whether they are established or brand new, is what’s important.

You can follow Pattern Burst via Twitter or Facebook, or by signing up for e-mail notifications right here. As ever, conversation is an important part of any community so feel free to leave comments, and if you think there is some producer you think I should check out, or an event I should give a shout out too, let me know. It’s always fun finding out about new music I might have missed. No, strike that – it’s vital.

Plans for the future? well, I’ll keep reading my thesaurus and trying to use new adjectives. When I started I wanted to discuss books and literature as well. Hopefully that will come sooner rather than later. And I’ll continue to write about music both new and old. I might even, at some point, post a mix or two. That should kill off any credibility I had, I reckon…

So, thanks to all of you who have posted links to posts on Facebook, Twitter and whatever else there is out there. And thanks to those of you who have taken the time to read my splurge of confused, ill-informed opinions and lazy ranting. Keep coming, tell your friends and – most importantly of all – listen to good music and avoid the chancers.


The Scribe.

4 thoughts on “Words From the Editor

  1. I’ve really enjoyed following your blog so far after stumbling across it by accident, you’ve got great taste (perhaps I am biased in saying that though because it seems very similar to my own taste!). I think your comment “But life, and my spare time, is too short to spend it talking about something I don’t want to listen to” hits the nail on the head, and is something I also aim for – the internet is full of negativity as it is, it seems pretty pointless adding to it by slagging off crappy music……


      • From what I can work out, a lot of the negativity I see these days seems to be defined by backlashes or tribalism rather than any useful, critical interpretation of the music – Well, that and point scoring.


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