We’re All Going On Our….

That’s right! In a bid to avoid drowning through the act of simply breathing the Glaswegian summertime air, Pattern Burst will be on a brief hiatus from Friday for a week or two as we jet off in search of hotter, less depressing climes, eat steaks the size or our beds and wash them down with lashings of ginger beer wine.

Which is all a slightly smug way of saying I won’t be updating the blog for about a fortnight, maybe less, maybe more depending on how sober I am when I get home. Any inquiries about the blog, promos, events etc please write, as always, to the address in my Gravitar profile down the bottom right of the page.

As always, thanks for reading. Don’t go too far, I promise big things when I get back, big things. I just don’t know what……. hell, maybe I’ll interview someone or something like that. It’ll be like a real music website!

The Scribe.