Event: Theo Parrish Live – Glasgow School of Art. 16.07.2014


Theo Parrish comes to Glasgow tomorrow night to play his first ever live set in Scotland. Joining him will be his 4 piece backing band comprising Myele Manzanza on drums, Dumminie DePorres on guitar, Akwasi Mensah on bass and Amp Fiddler on keys with Parrish himself also on keys and beats. It’s the last night of his short British tour so it’s likely to be something pretty special. I don’t think I need really say anything else about Mr Parrish except that he is one of the few true, true originals currently making music in House, Techno or any other darn genre you care to name.

They will also be joined by a Detroit based Footwork dancing crew, which sounds far less terrifying than the time I saw the Aphex Twin live and his dancers were dressed as giant teddy bears with photocopies of his face stapled to their heads. There were some tears shed that night, I can tell you…

Anyway, tickets are a hefty but more than likely deserved £18 from WWW.86Events.com and the evening will be brought to you by those fine people from 86 Events and La Cheetah. I have no idea whether they will be available on the night. Doubt it. Venue is the Glasgow School of Art union, 20 Scott Street; Glasgow, G3 6PE.

This is likely to be a very, very special night. Even I wish I was going. Doors open at 7pm.


One thought on “Event: Theo Parrish Live – Glasgow School of Art. 16.07.2014

  1. As a whole bunch of you are discovering this morning, this isn’t a review of the gig. Sorry about that. Consider it noted and I’ll take a different approach next time. If you want, I can make one up, in the tradition of Hunter Thompson covering the Rumble in the Jungle. I can even include swimming pools, dwarfs and biblical exclamations.


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