The Last Big Weekend – Richmond Park, Glasgow – August 30th/31st

big weekend

Most festivals are a bit hit and miss when you look at them. A couple of young uns on the way up, a couple of old uns on the way down and a whole bunch of filler with the sort of names NME journos go mental about. God help us all.

Well, The East End Social, in conjunction with Optimo and Numbers have got a line up to kill for here across their two-day extravaganza in Richmond park this weekend. Saturday brings us a proper mix, from alternative rap in the form of Edinburgh outfit Youngfathers to grand old men of indy, The Wedding Present (Always does you good to see proper Indy heroes like the Wedding Present still killing it after all these years) to Fuck Buttons to James Holden to weegie post-rock legends Mogwai. See the above flyer for more details.

But it is the Sunday line up we are interested in here, being the sort of people who are drawn to bangs and bleeps and what nots. And what a line up it is. Sophie, fresh from annoying the living heck out of those suede headed Resident Advisor sorts with his Dance-pop anthem Lemonade, Glaswegian psycho-groove deviants Golden Teacher, James Murphy, Hudson Mohawk, the Optimo boys and Numbers lynch-pins Spencer and Jackmaster.

And to top it all off, the man himself, the one and only Jeff Mills. Cor. If that doesn’t get your heart beating I don’t know what will. I hear Boston are recording a new album. Probably best you wait for them to tour. Jeff Mills! Jackmaster! All of them!

Tickets are £70 quid for the weekend or £38.50 for one day. Not much for a mess of proper talent, and there aren’t any Sultans of Ping FC NME crap anywhere on the board. Job Done. Get yourself down there. Even I’m going. I’ll be the one looking for a nice sit down by the time night falls. Tickets available from Tickets Scotland up until opening. No camping on site. I’m not sure waking up in the duck pond the next day counts as camping but you had probably best play it safe all the same.