Event: Voiski @ Missing Persons Club – La Cheetah, 3/10/14


Friday night is looking busy in Glasgow what with the Numbers boys up the road at the Art School, and in the downtown sweat-pit basement of La Cheetah the MPC boys continue their long tradition of bringing some brilliant and left-of-centre guests to Glasgow when they play host to Voiski, purveyor of some finely tooled electronic mayhem ranging from the sublime to the bruising. Having released across several labels, Voiski has most recently been leaving his mark on unsuspecting ears care of a couple of blinders on Long Island Electrical Systems. Support comes from the MPC residents.

Doors open at 11 at La Cheetah, underneath Max’s, 73 Queen Street. Early bird Tickets still available for a fiver Resident Advisor, tax on the door is £8 before the Witching Hour, £12 after.

Friday is looking like being a two headed carnage monster. How will the Dear Green Place cope?

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