We Are One.


Wow. Well, we made it to a year.

Somehow in the torrent of spelling mistakes, random capitalisation, laziness and the occasional moment of premium strength idiocy I managed to hold off our base instinct for terminal screw-ups long enough put out 170 odd posts in which I used the words ‘Detroit’, ‘Banger’ and ‘Wriggly’ far more than is probably advisable. Beyond that, my bank balance continues to cry tears of real pain whilst the proprietors of several record stores whoop with glee every time they see me stumbling towards them with a list of all the Hot New Records in my shaking hands.

When I started the blog, I’m not sure I had much of an idea of what I really wanted to talk about. A year on I’m still not sure. Essentially it began with two things: a desire to get my writing back on track after doing very little for a few years, and the nagging feeling that many of the big webzines and websites weren’t really covering very much of the music I liked. It’s not their fault; the big boys become the big boys because they cover everything, but that means there is frequently little that gets me going.

Over the months, though, a simple enough ethos has formed. Review records I like and want to get a bit more coverage, rant about the occasional subject that has popped into my head, and share a couple of tunes for no other reason than because I like them and think you will too. That’s it. At least for now. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, let alone a form of music I suck at making, but I hope I’ve been able to get over some of the excitement I feel when that box of wax arrives in the post.

It’s been a learning experience for me in terms of what is out there just now. Having taken a major break from house and techno I was blown away when I came back into it by the sheer amount of good stuff that mostly exists out of the public gaze. Away from Godawful EDM and the handful of properly big DJs and producers, most electronic music still exists in a world that can be comfortably described as ‘Underground.’ And there is a lot of great music out there. Arguably we are in a golden period just now, and one where an increasing number of people are coming into the scene, bringing new influences with them. It’s Good Times, alright.

So thanks to the 10,000 or so people from 80 countries who have read my nonsense over the last 12 months. And thanks to all those who have retweeted posts, shared on Facebook and passed word around. I had meant to do up a mix for the anniversary but I kind of fannied up the timing so it’ll be a while yet.

So thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy it. So far it’s been educational, occasionally irritating, but mostly a lot of fun. Let’s see what the next year brings. Hopefully some good tunes.

Cheers folks, thanks for coming.

The Scribe.


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