Event: Numbers with Anthony Naples and Spencer @ The Sub Club – Friday 6th March


Glasgow has had a pretty good start to the year so far as nights out are concerned, and hot on the heels of Lobster Theremin’s recent label showcase and Levon Vincent’s in store gig at Rubadub, Numbers play host to one of the most exciting new talents to come out of the States for quite a while.

With a string of releases on Mr Saturday Night, Trilogy Tapes and the inaugural release on Rubadub’s own label, Anthony Naples has just put out his debut album, Body Pill, on Four Tet’s Text imprint, and a wee cracker it is too. Home team favourite Spencer provides the other half of the action; With Naples’ promising everything from experimental work outs to disco, to house to God knows what you can be assured of three things: It will get loud. It will get sweaty and it WILL get messy.

Doors open at 11 at Glasgow institution the Sub Club. Tickets are a ten-spot in advance from Resident Advisor , maybe on the door too, I just don’t know. I barely do any research on these things. Are you surprised? Nah. didn’t think so.

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