Pattern Burst Special Broadcast: Mystec FM Volume One – 25.2.1997

At long last I’ve finally figured out how to get music from my ancient and crumbling twin tape deck and into my much more modern computer. It took a little bit of doing, and a little bit of mucking around, but it’s finally underway.

I have several large bags of ancient tapes. Most of them are old commercially released albums by a variety of bands, some electronic most not (how much is a tape of Veruka Salt’s début worth, I wonder? Three pence, I expect) but a small number of them were stored as archive material in a rare act of forward thinking by the younger me. Most of these are old practice tapes of me DJing, and although they run in quality from alright to bloody terrible, they are hopefully of no interest to anyone except me. The remainder, the ones we are going to focus on, represent several recordings of the short-lived Mystec FM radio show on Glasgow’s Sub City Radio.

There are three of these tapes in total, of 90 minutes each. There are another couple of tapes I think might interest people out there, including the (in)famous Puffin’ And Pantin’ – a mix by DJ Brainstorm of Pure fame. Altogether I’ve managed to find 5 tapes in all – a vanishingly small number. There were several others, including the peerless Sacred Beats, but they seem to have gone walkabout over the years and I don’t know where they are now. I hold out hope that there is at least one more bag hidden away somewhere that I have yet to find, but the chances are that it was dumped by mistake when I did the flat up back in 2007.

So here’s the deal: These tapes are presented as is. That means they will be recorded from my tape deck to the computer and into Audigy as WAVs before being converted to 320 MP3s. There won’t be any fancy editing or mucking around with settings. They are simply the outpourings of my tape player. The plan is to link to them on Soundcloud, but, given how squirrelly SC’s detection software is these days, that might need to change. I’ll keep looking at various options and post any changes to these posts if and when needed. I’ll try to post each of them as separate A and B sides over the next few weeks as I’m able to. I won’t be posting any track listings for them, and none are present anyway. If anyone feels the need, go for it. Some are easy, others maybe not.

The sound quality of the various tapes runs from surprisingly good to, well, unsurprisingly average. Please bear in mind that the youngest of them dates from mid 97 and the oldest from about 93 or 94 so they are pretty old. Quite frankly it’s a miracle they play as well as they do.

Mystec FM Volume One – 25.2.1997 (Side A)

This represents the earliest of my recordings of the short-lived Mystec FM on Glasgow University’s Sub City radio station, and dates from the 25th of Feb, 97. The station continues to run today, and still plays house and techno. At the time some of the shows, if not all of them, were recorded in a spare flat at Murano Street student village in the Maryhill area of the city. As far as I can remember, the show ran from late 96 to about mid 97, starting as cover for DJ Dribbler who was off somewhere else. The music is courtesy of Kara – aka DJ Oral – the original Mystec resident, and it represents a slightly different vibe than what you would get at the full-on club night. At this time Club Mystec was playing at the Sub Club on Thursday nights once a month. At the end of the summer it would move into King Tut’s Wah Wah hut for a Sunday afternoon session. To my knowledge it is still the only techno collective to have been allowed to play in Glasgow’s famous Indy venue. I would imagine that it’s our fault that claim to fame still stands. I don’t think it went down too well….

Oh yeah, words and gibberish by the one and only Nok La Rok.

Anyway, here’s the first link.

I’ll try and get Side B up either tonight or tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. Any problems or comments let me know.