Pattern Burst Special Broadcast Part 2! – Mystec FM Volume 1 Side B

Aaaaand We’re back. Sorry, I meant to have this up last night but I ended up listening to the football on the radio and then it got late….

Anyway, this is the B side of last night’s first encounter. Taped during Mystec’s radio show on Glasgow’s Sub City Radio. Last night was DJ Oral, tonight the wheels of steel are in the hands of Adam – AKA DJ Goodhand – who was Mystec’s other original resident and is now probably better known to the troops for his adventures as part of the Glasgow/London Numbers collective, which is good because Mystec is very much a part of that club’s DNA.

I should have pointed out that although these tapes represent a fairly complete snapshot of the various shows, they are not entirely complete. The original broadcasts were about two hours, if I’m remembering correctly, but were recorded on whatever was available, usually C-90 cassettes. Apologies for the way they slam in and cut out at the end, but as I said last night they are presented ‘as is’.

I’ve also just realised that Soundcloud’s free account is limited to 180 minutes of upload space. I’ll have to get my skates on and worked something out because that just ain’t gonna last long. I’m aiming to get the next tape up sometime over the next couple of weeks. Not sure which one yet. Stay tuned!

Mystec FM Volume 1 Side B

So here is Side B, featuring a very young DJ Goodhand. Like last night it is a slightly different vibe from what you would get at the club. It’s also quite different from DJ Oral’s side last night. A bit darker, a bit more acidy and a bit more housey. Some great tunes here. Enjoy.