Special Broadcast – ’69 DJs’ Side B

Took me longer than I intended to get this up. I’ve been exploring hosting options because I really don’t want to give Soundcloud money, although that’s turning out to be the best of a bad lot. Until I get around to giving them the cash I’ve taken down the first part of the Mystec Radio show tape to make room. I’ll have that back up as soon as I can, hopefully.

Anyway, the important information I need to give out is that this mix is labelled as Side B, but is actually the A side. Blame me, it’s my fault. I got the wrong one up first and stupidly never noticed until someone else pointed it out. Duhhh. Not that the order really matters. This side is still a doozy.

Positively identified as being by Rubadub and 69’s one and only Wilba Sandieson, and taken from another radio show (the Rubadub one this time.) It dates from 1996. More great tunes running from electro to Detroit techno, to dub techno and onwards. It’s another great example of the sort of music one could expect at one of the best techno clubs in Britain in an era where the music had still to be locked into genre apartheid. As I said before, this tape – along with one or two others – was a vital part of our education in what techno could be. It blurs the lines, moving between sounds that might not have always seem that they have much in common except for the fact they are kindred spirits, and they’re all as funky as hell.

Again, no track listing. If anyone feels like having a go, feel free. I reckon it might be a hard job, seeing as how Wilba is a pretty mean selector of underground tunes, and had a full shop of records to call upon.

Anyways, here’s the mix: