Pattern Burst Special Broadcast: Mystec FM Volume 2 – Side A

The second part of the Mystec FM files follows on from Wilba’s outstanding Rubadub Radio/Club 69 tape. This is a different beast in terms of style but some of the tunes are familiar from both. What can you say? A Glasgow classic is a Glasgow classic.

This tape dates from the beginning of March, 1997, and features Goodhand on the decks with added nonsense and shout outs courtesy of Nick. Once again, it’s a totally brilliant choice of tunes by the Mystec resident, running between classic house, techno, electro and more IDMy pieces, and gives another excellent example of what you could expect from the club.

This one was recorded on a C-120, rather than the usual 90 minute tapes, so it should be nearly the whole show (when you add in the B side). As usual, it’s presented as is, with no fancy editing going on. Not that it really needs any as the tape quality is suprisingly good.

As an interesting aside, this was taped on the evening Sub City and Radio One were doing some sort of weird student radio crossover thing. The upshot of this was that Mystec FM than night was announced by none other than the legendary John Peel with the words ‘and next up is Mystec FM….whatever that is…’ Alas, I missed hitting the record button in time, so that little nugget of music history is lost to posterity. It doesn’t matter, it’s still a great hour of tunage.

I’ve finally given Soundcloud some hard cash so I’ve got a shiny new Unlimited Pro account for the next few months. The immediate benefit is that downloads are re-enabled for the first part of the ’69 DJs’ tape. I’ve also put Mystec FM Vol 1 Side A back up. I had to take this down due to lack of space on the free account, but it’s been restored now. DJ Oral on the decks. More quality from the distant past.

Anyway, here’s the music.Expect the second part soon(ish) Enjoy.