Pattern Burst Special Broadcast: Mystec FM Volume 2 – Side 2

Here’s the B-side from Mystec FM volume 2 for your listening pleasures. It’s another hour of quality tunage taken from the run up to the actual club night, but this time it rolls in a slightly different way, eschewing a lot of the usual house for a deeper, more techno based vibe that broadens out into breakbeat, electro and the occasional ever so slightly trancey number. It’s a good reminder, even for those of us who were there, that Mystec was always a club that could confound expectations with the DJs frequently slipping something in under the radar that could subtlety and irrevocably alter the musical course of the night to devastating effect.

For myself, Mystec was the place that taught me a crazy amount about music. It was probably here that I first heard Aux 88 and Drexciya played back to back with what now seems a breathtakingly wide selection of early house tunes that I can’t remember hearing in too many other places, and it cemented the idea that the differences between house, electro, techno and a host of other genres were – and are – really only skin deep.

DJ Oral on mixing duties here. Shout outs and grade A nonsense from Nick and Craig.

For those who are still interested there is one more Mystec FM tape left in this run, plus that insane DJ Brainstorm one. After those I’ll try to get some other material up. There’s more stuff out there I’ll try to get my hands on. I’ve been away on a wee trip north over the last few days, and was hoping to find my copy of the long-lost Sacred Beatz tape but alas I reckon that one’s gone west. And that’s a real shame because it really was a special mix, one of the foundation lessons in our education of techno.

In the new year I’ll see about getting some freshly commissioned mixes up and running in a dual attempt to get my money’s worth out of my Soundcloud account, and boost my credibility. Who knows what’ll happen? Bugger all, probably, but it’ll be fun finding out.

Anyways, Here’s the link: