Special Broadcast: DJ Brainstorm – Puffin’ and Pantin’ Side A

Alright now, here is a real, proper treat. My collection of mix tapes is pretty small these days. I’ve lost far more than I have now to a combination of natural wastage (overplayed tapes wrapping themselves unsalvageably through the mechanisms of cheap-assed Walkmans being the most typical form of death), of loss, of – in a couple of occasions – theft. Once or twice they died in more dramatic circumstances; I had an absolute corker of a Richie Hawtin tape that died in a car crash for example.

Of those I have left – a combination of those bought in record stores back in the day, taped off the radio or, like this one, handed on across many people from the source – Puffin’ and Pantin’, alongside the Club 69/Rubadub tape I put up a few weeks ago, one of the real, genuine treasures. I’ll talk more about why it’s so special to me when I put the B-side up in the near future (probably next week or one after. With so few left I have this need to ration them out), so in the meantime I’ll limit myself to the few facts I know about it.

My copy of Puffin’ and Pantin’ has been in my collection since the mid nineties, probably 94, 95 or so – pre-dating my move to Glasgow by a couple of years. The mix itself is courtesy of DJ Brainstorm, the main mover of Edinburgh’s legendary Pure alongside JD Twitch. I only ever made it to Pure at its Edinburgh home on one occasion, towards the end of its time (although I did get to a few of their big parties at the Barrowlands in Glasgow) so I’m probably not the best person to talk about it, but there is a pretty good write-up on the place, and what it all meant, right here.

As for the mix. Well, it’s just silly how good it still is. Sultry, deep and acidic, and a world away from so much of the safe, bland house that defines the scene these days, it bubbles with the dirty, nasty energy that the title defines. When I first heard it, so many of the tracks were exotic and mysterious. Nowadays I know many of them like the back of my hand. DHS, Ralphi Rosario, DJ Pierre and the Yeastie Girls all make their presence felt – ignore the momentary interlude during You Suck – Julie, you know what I’m talking about…

My copy of the tape is over 20 years old, and was God knows how many generations old when I got my hand on it. The mix itself was recorded pre-95 I think, and might even date from as far back as 92 or 93. The sound quality, therefore, is pretty much as you would expect. I have made no attempt to freshen it up. In its own way the quality and the tape hiss have become almost as important to me over the years as the music, part of the package, the fabric, and the memories. It’s a fairly quiet recording, so bang the volume of your favourite player up and let it rip.

Please enjoy it. It’s a monster. Oh yeah, one more thing to say. If you like the A side, wait until you hear other one….

Here’s the link: