Special Broadcast: Mystec FM Volume 3

Due to the fact that we are a week away from Christmas and I’ve just started remembering all the things I have still to do, I’ve given Friday Night Tune a holiday this week to make room for the last volume of Mystec FM. In a break with tradition I’m offering up both sides of the tape – AT THE SAME BLOOMING TIME! – as a special Yule tide treat to you all. FNT tune will probably be back next week with my tune of the year – if I can actually think of one.

For those of you who have listened to, or downloaded, these tapes, I hope you enjoyed them. For some of us they were an important reminder of a formative time in our appreciation of electronic music, an era when influences and tastes were still being formed. For those of you who there either as part of the Glasgow scene or in a larger, more general sense, I hope you have enjoyed the music for what it is.

This is the last of the tapes. I’ll have a look through some bags and see what we come up with. Probably not much. I have a vague feeling there is one more Mystec FM recording hidden but I do not have even the faintest idea where. Volume three rounds us of with DJ Oral up first on side A followed by, actually I’m not sure who, on the B. It’s possibly Goodhand, but it might also be this mysterious Joe Nick mentions at the start. Deep techno, breakbeat and lots of acid. Class stuff. As with the other tapes, this would have been recorded in 1997. Sound quality is a little bit crackly but still pretty good for it’s age. I’ve cut the last five minutes of Side B because I think someone stopped recording at that point and remembered to start again just as the next show was beginning. It’s a bit messy. Probably my fault. Here are the links. Enjoy. And remember kids: Acid house is for life, not just for Christmas!

Side A:

Side B: