Friday Night Tune Special: Holiday Listening

Well, I had a few ideas for tonight’s Friday Night Tune, but I’m officially on holiday now, there are several bottles of the West Brewery’s finest staring at me, I’ve got some Mexican food travelling by bicycle through the rain soaked streets of Glasgow towards my stomach and, to be completely honest with you, I’ve kind of lost any desire to write about techno, house, or electro in anything approaching a meaningful sense. Instead, here is some more cheap and easy content in the form of some mixes I’m taking with me.

To be honest, I was going to avoid taking any electronic music with me this time. I fancied a week of listening to nothing more taxing than Classic FM or gentle soul to accompany the sound of the rain and midges splattering off the windscreen – this being a Scottish summer holiday and not one designed for tooling around Roman ruins in the blistering heat – but let’s be honest: that was never really going to happen.

Just as I seem to have pure hunners of records piling up all over the flat that I have yet to listen too, there are tonnes of mixes which have appeared out of thin air to fill up my battered and ancient iPod. Many of them are the usual suspects, a motley collection of Ben UFO stuff, DJ Stingray, DJ Stingray, DJ Bone, something ancient by Kevin Saunderson, and DJ Stingray. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. Here and there are mixes I’ve yet to get my teeth into. Most will never be listened to, some I will obsess over. Here, then, are some belters.

214 – Chino’s Workout Mix

He’s been doing the business recently, has Chris Roman, with the brilliant Fuel Cells EP for CPU, and a knock out live set for Feel My Biceps podcast series. This mix is a bit older, but a master class in deep, bubbling electronics. One look at the track list, which ranges from Alexander Robotnik, to Boddika and Marcel Dettman will have you wondering how it’s going to flow. The answer is simple: It flows just lovely, with some deceptively hard beats carrying a true groove that makes perfect sense.

Rustie and Jackmaster – Hillhead Mad Skwad

This is what happens when you take a pair of smudged-eyed urchins, stick them in a flat together, late at night after a club with a box of records, and leave them to their own devices. If ever a mix stank of Glasgow’s insane lust for crazed eclectic electronica this is it. Both would go on to intergalactic stardom, but this is a sublime burst of raw, funky tunage of a sort you don’t hear very often from two mates lost in the beats. Absolute bang.

Keith Tucker – Live at La Cheetah

The slightly rough quality of the recording does nothing to take away the fizz from this mix from Aux 88 main man Keith Tucker as he holds court in Glasgow’s favourite late night sweat-pit La Cheetah back in 2012. Running through electro, classic house, techno, and a little bit of the indescribably brilliant, this is just a wee taste of why Tucker is still regarded as a one of Detroit’s finest. It’s almost as if deep house was never a thing. Yas!

Goodhand – Mystec FM 1996

Part recording of the Mystec FM radio show from way, way, waaaay back in the mid 90s, this is Goodhand, one of the club’s original DJs, and now 1/6th of the Numbers crew, blasting out some dirty, nasty beats in classic Mystec style. I think Goodhand was about 12 at the time and was one of the best DJs I’d ever heard. If his set last September at the Number’s party is any indication, he still is. Some crackers on this – that Eddie Fowlkes tune at 7 minutes remains one of my all time favourites and deserves to be better known than it is. Craig Krypt on the mike, giving it some, err, loose thoughts.

Semtek – Pattern Burst Select Volume 1

Yeah, OK, kind of blowing our own trumpet here. But when the mix is this good, why not? And if you haven’t picked it up yet, what excuse have you possibly got? Don’t Be Afraid head honcho Semtek furnishes some sleek, summery grooves here for our listening pleasure. One of the best DJs currently doing the business, this was a great start to a series which I’ll try to get back on track in the near future. Listen and learn.

That’s it. I’ve got a bag to pack. See you all later.