Patternburst on The Semtek Show – Tracklist.

I’m quite definitely not a DJ. I get confused by all the bright lights on the mixer and scared by the spinny bits. What I do love, though, are track lists. Something about them speaks of special thrills. I imagine it goes back to cooking up compilations tapes way back at the dawn of time, and finding tunes which seem to take you on a wee journey or reminds you of good times. So, here is the track listing for my wee burst of ear torture on The Semtek Show on KMAH Radio last night. Shout out to Ben for asking me on, and for being lunatic enough to actually broadcast it. And yes, it really is an hour of electro with no thought behind it other than these are some tunes I love, both old and new.

Cairo Sword Unsheathed – Vatican Shadow (Blackest Ever Black)
Bardol Thodol – Demdike Stare (Modern Love)
Blood Witness – Regis (Downwards)
W3 – Dario Zenker (The Trilogy Tapes)
Clone Factory – Boris Divider (Satamile Records)
Basic Level – Anthony Rother (Kanzleramt)
Keep Right – 214 (CPU)
Third Stone From The Sun – Third Electric (Electrecord)
New Race – Boris Divider (Satamile Records)
Earth Shrine – Mikron (CPU)
Deep In My Electro Mind – Mono junk Vs Mesak (DUM Records)
Inner State – The Advent (Electrix)
Structure Noir – Umwelt (Mosaique)
Faktum – Epy (Trust)
Afro-Germanic – Chaos (Underground Resistance)
The Growler – MMT8 (Cultivated Electronics)
T-E-L-E-G-R-A-M-M – Byetone (Raster-Noton)
Herschel – Annie Hall (CPU)
Intruder Alert – DJ Glow (Trust)
Luminescent Organism – Morphology (Abstract Forms)
Angels In My Room – Spesimen (Pomelo) – Third Electric (Electrecord)
Mod-Electro_mix4 – Microthol (Brokntoys)
The Life We Choose(ERP Mix) – Hardfloor (Hardlfoor)
Digital Mind – Boris Divider (Satamile Records)
The City – DJ Glow (Trust)
Death Threat – Dez Williams (Shipwrec)
Coast To Coast – Silicon Scally (Satamile Records)
Zodak – Moralez (Mosaique)
Transmission – Microknox (Direct Beat)
Find Your Particular Place In Time – Chaos (Metroplex)
Tech Man – Sole Tech (Detrechno)
$hutdown – Aaron Carl (Afrosyntrix)
Coup D’etat – Ondo Fudd (The Trilogy Tapes)

Cheers to everyone who listened and I hope your ears eventually forgive you.


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