Patternburst Select Mix Vol 1: Semtek

I’ve been thinking about doing a wee run of mixes for quite a while now. Nothing fancy, just some mixes put together by people with a decent taste in music, and done for no other reason than a good mix can be a lot of fun. Podcasts tend to come in gangs these days and it gets so you can’t see the wood for the trees, so one of the reasons I’ve spent so much time hesitating over whether or not I should do something like this is that I didn’t want to simply add to the pile. There are barely enough hours in the day to listen to the records I want, let alone all the mixes too.

There are other reasons for not doing this sooner. The big one is that I am very, very, lazy. Astoundingly lazy. There are light bulbs around here that burned out before techno was a thing that still need changed. So don’t expect these often, is what I’m saying. The other reason is that I kind of feel that if I’m asking other people to do this, then I should do one myself. This is something none of us want. I’m a bad DJ, and can think of no better way to kill of any nascent credibility I might have than providing an hour of train-wrecks and swearing. Still, it might happen.

Anyway, none of that matter now because we’ve finally got one worthy of your attention right here, right now. Inaugurating this occasional series is none other than Don’t Be Afraid head Semtek with an hour of warm, fuzzy, jazzy grooves which are just about perfect for convincing you it’s actually summer, inside and out. A timely mix, I think, because DBA have been absolutely on point recently, what with Gentium, Mgun’s superb debut album effortlessly redefining Detroit techno for the modern age, and a new EP by Deepblak head honcho Damon Bell on the way. Along with a select handful of other British labels, DBA are increasingly an outfit to keep both ears on.

No track listing. Nothing but the music. It’s a good un. Enjoy: